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"Lomtic" Bakery and Confectionery

The bakery-confectionery “Lomtik” (Moscow) is another super-delicious project, that we create with great pleasure. Here you can enjoy delicious desserts, cakes, muffins, donuts, many kinds of jams, from which children and adults are delighted. We tried to ensure that the visual image of the brand turned out to be recognizable, bright and original.

Main task

Develop a logo that will complement the original name of the bakery and make it more recognizable in the city. Present a brand book with all the recommendations that will facilitate the promotion of the brand and help reduce advertising costs.

Making of

  • Our designers proposed and approved the logo in the form of a bakery with three horizontal stripes at the bottom – associating with a slice of cake in a cut
  • The corporate style is thought out – free, bright, cheerful, in the spirit of a beautiful and cozy confectionery
  • A brand book has been developed that shows recommendations for creating a visual image of the brand: the use of branded elements and a logo on business cards, dishes, labels, boxes, menus, delivery vehicles, etc.

What we have

Now visitors of the establishment and the site of the Bakery-Confectionery “Lomtik” are greeted not only with the flavors of fresh baked goods, but also with a bright, memorable logo. Everywhere colorful images of cakes and other delicacies, which our team of designers tried.