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Good heart foundation

FDS is a children’s charity center in Odessa. Helps talented children of Ukraine to develop in various spheres of creativity. It provides assistance in paying for training courses, scholarships, purchasing tools and materials, finding teachers and coaches. Organizes charitable events, concerts, financial gathering and sports events for children.

Main task

Develop a logo and submit for approval several options. Pass the main idea and the mission of the fund through the emblem.

Making of

  • Several concepts of the logo were invented and several associative series were worked out
  • A single logo was chosen and approved – a dove of peace with a twig in its beak, made in the style of origami
  • The second variant of the logo was chosen – in the form of a symbol depicting the circle of people holding hands

Final result

We came up with a logo for the Good heart Foundation. It accommodated both the symbol of peace and the design of origami, symbolizing help to children who are engaged in creativity and strive to develop their talents. Now the FDS has not only a good name, but also a memorable emblem that can be used on any media.