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Family economy app.

Now it’s easy to track where the money goes! With the mobile application Cost Track you can track your income, expenses and budget planning. This application helps correctly and with the mind to use money.

Main task

Develop a simple and understandable application for iOS, in which each user can understand in a few minutes. Make it as productive as possible, optimize functionality and realize the basic idea – to allow users to control their expenses without complex tables and formulas.

Making of

  • Created a handy app for automatically calculating costs and revenues
  • Have made understandable for each instruction on using the application
  • Implemented many functions: currency selection, cost sheets, built-in calculator, card, converter, search by records and other
  • We have placed various variants of expenditure categories
  • Protected user data with PIN and TouchID
  • Allowed users to compare their data using charts and statistics
  • Downloaded the application in the App Store

Final result

The functionality of the application has turned out to be extensive: users can manage their finances, remember the places where they spend the most, make quick calculations, create drafts and much more.