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IT's Food

Corporate food delivery

Commercial service of prepared meals delivery  for IT-companies. It makes separate menus for office employees with any preferences and requirements for dishes. It is focused on the delivery speed, taste characteristics and the benefits of food.

Main task

Create a website that will attract attention and interest the main audience – employees of IT companies. Create a logo and brand book, which will simplify the management of advertising campaigns and increase brand awareness.

Making of

  • Created an original and modern site with convenient navigation
  • Added bright and interactive elements
  • Describe the benefits of service for IT companies
  • Developed a notable logo, which is easy to remember
  • Created a corporate identity for the design of menus, stickers for packages with food and bottles, envelopes, packages and other

Final result

Got a website that is convenient for IT people – an audience that is especially demanding on the design of websites, their clear design and quality of content. With it, you can quickly order lunch for all employees, see the nutritional value of the dishes and make adjustments to the menu.

A noticeable logo and original design form the face of the company. They are convenient to use in advertising and when creating any printed products.