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Consulting service

JKL is a European consulting company, one of the most famous and popular in the countries of northern Europe. Advises clients on a wide range of issues: in the financial sphere, managerial, political and others. Helps business owners develop and promote the brand, withstand financial crises, build relationships with investors and much more.

Main task

Think several variants of the company logo and develop a brand book. Create a corporate identity that will meet the basic policy of JKL.

Making of

  • Created the logo in the form of the abbreviation of the company “JKL” – laconic, with strict geometric shapes, without unnecessary details, so that it could easily be used on various media
  • We developed a corporate style that corresponds to the serious and business direction of the company
  • We created and coordinated a brand book with all the recommendations on the use of the company’s symbols, corporate identity and other elements
  • We developed the design of the office chancery and printed products: envelopes, business papers, business cards and other

Final result

JKL is a serious company created for business people, therefore our main goal was to create for it an appropriate image. We stopped at a modern and simple style – it illustrates the stability, reliability, solidity. The logo looks appropriate on any media.