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Like at home

“Like at home” is a Belarusian manufacturing company that produces and sells frozen home production products. They have a great selection of delicious foods: pelmeni, vareniki, cheese cakes, cutlets, chebureks, mantas, nuggets – all and do not list! And the most important thing is that all this is so high-quality, natural and tasty, which you can not distinguish from home freshly prepared dishes. Everything at home is all natural. Attention, this site is dangerous to visit hungry. Each photo is so bright and tasty that it is impossible to pass by. Stylish design emphasizes the advantages of products and allows you to concentrate on the main thing.

Main task

Create a bright, high-quality and modern website, which by design and design will be different from other sites for the delivery of ready meals. Adapt the online store for all types of devices and make it the most convenient for users.

Making of

  • Developed a user-friendly website with quality photo products
  • Thought and implemented cataloging by product types
  • Made interesting cards of goods with a photo of the product in the original packaging
  • We placed social network buttons in the header of the site so that visitors could immediately go, read reviews, see real photos of ready-made food from “Eat at Home” and leave comments
  • We placed on the main site a block with shares and special offers
  • Adapted online store for all types of devices

What we have

Delicious products and a delicious website. This is what we have been trying to achieve. The design of the online store “Like at Home” looks very bright, modern and comfortable. Each visitor can easily find the right products, get acquainted with the composition and make an order. We focused on photographs of semi-prepared products – they turned out to be high-quality, precise and home-like, as well as the internet shop as a whole.