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Musical portal

Portal for young musicians, where they can share their creativity with a large audience of listeners. Here, everyone can not only talk about their music to the world, but also compete in skill with other young musicians.

Main task

Create a website that will be convenient to users that wants to upload their music, and those who came to listen to it. Attract as many musicians and ordinary users as possible, come up with interesting features that will make the platform live and increase the activity on site.

Making of

  • Created a site with convenient and simple navigation on the main sections
  • Made internal pages in the form of lending with a lead-form
  • Developed an intuitive interface, so that everyone can quickly understand how the platform works, and register in a couple of clicks
  • Have placed the infographics, which explains what is the advantage of the platform and how to use it
  • Made icons, banners, screenshots
  • Suggested several variations of the logo
  • Developed a handy mobile application for Apple gadgets

Final result

The platform looks very user friendly: all principles of its functioning, registration and functionality can be understood in few minutes. The site and the mobile application turned out to be convenient, user friendly and stylish.