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First online bank of Kazakhstan

The first Internet bank in Kazakhstan. Customers of the bank are serviced remotely, performing all the necessary banking operations on-line.

Main task

Create a stylish and memorable logo and think out a branding style for a brand book that will emphasize the modernity of the bank and allocate it among the rest.

Making of

  • We created a concise and clear logo, which looks great on any media: payment cards, billboards, business cards, office chancery, etc .;
  • thought out corporate identity and design, which illustrates the infinity of new system features for each client

Final result

Creating a clear and memorable logo is a difficult task. Dozens variants were offered, but only one came up: a stylish geometric logo symbolizing the movement forward. For the site and various carriers, a stylish design with an idea and in pleasant tones is designed – ideal for a young and advanced generation.