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Project description

The credit history bureau for residents of Kazakhstan, where clients receive full information about the credit history, can challenge it and ask for an assessment of their solvency. This is a confidential platform that simplifies the borrowers for a loan, and lenders to reduce risks and to obtain reliable data about the borrower.

At the moment this is the first and only actively functioning credit history bureau in Kazakhstan.

Main task

Create an informative website that will increase the trust to the platform, quality and safety of the services provided. Considering that the clients of website are serious, among them not only physical persons, but also well-known banks and credit organizations. Therefore, the design of the website should be understandable, stylish, but without frills, registration is simple, and interface being convenient.

Making of

  • Created a user-friendly home page with all the basic information
  • Place in the header of the site menu for all types of customers
  • Made convenient navigation for all kinds of services
  • In collaboration with the First Credit Bureau introduced a system of behavioral scoring
  • Created comfortable online workplaces for clients
  • Have made a simple data collection system
  • To increase the trust, the “Our Clients” blocks were placed on a main page and a counter of the number of contracts and registrations was attached
  • Developed applications for Apple and Android

Final result

We have created a convenient platform, that any client can immediately learn how to use: an simple individual or a large bank. There is all the information that is necessary for borrowers and creditors, an intuitive interface and unobtrusive design, where attention is focused on the main.

The functionality of the site allows on-line access to receive a complete request processing, without paperwork and long waiting times.