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Online store

A fashion department store of young Ukrainian designers is a branch of the Odessa multi-brand store KOKON Trend Store. Here, contemporary designers from Ukraine realize their ideas, share them with the public and develop. In Kokon Space you can find stylish clothes, shoes, hats, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and even author’s products made of glass.

Main task

Create a website that will complement the main KOKON website and match its corporate style. Make it comfortable and draw attention to the bright ideas of young designers.

Making of

  • Made a simple stylish website with a large-format tiled design
  • Have removed all unnecessary; so the visitor is not distracted from the main
  • Created separate pages for each designer and brand – with a short description and colorful photo
  • Have placed social media buttons so users can freely talk about the brand
  • Implemented the ability to quickly switch between brands, without having to return to the shared directory

Final result

Result is a mini-project in the spirit of a glossy magazine – a bright addition to the main site of the online store. we where able to talk about brands, without going into details, but interested in fashionable bows and individual history for each brand.