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Mobile application to search for stocks, discounts and coupons from well-known brands. Compatible with devices on the iOS operating system.

Main task

Create a handy mobile application that you can master in a few minutes. Diversify functionality and give users more opportunities to search and operate discounts, promotions and news.

Making of

  • Mobile application with convenient and user friendly functionality
  • Simple authorization in a few steps
  • Have placed the card, where you can quickly find the addresses of the stores of the desired brands
  • Added notifications about new coupons and promotions
  • Have given users the opportunity to leave feedback on purchases
  • QR-code scanner was added

Final result

It turned out to be a productive and easy-to-use application. Purchases, registration for events, participation in promotions can be carried out in one click. Thanks to an integrated map users can navigate the route to the store and save it, a catalog of unused coupons, feature to leave a review and much more.