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Construction Company

Odessa construction company, founded by Givi Kashkaradze – a famous city planner, who built and restored Odessa. “ZARS” is engaged in the design and construction of unique projects – large residential complexes near the sea, exclusively in the area of the French Boulevard. The company honors and adheres to its traditions.

Main task

We knew that our client is a company known in Odessa and beyond, which was led by the famous Kashkaradze. Therefore, our goal was to create a website that will emphasize and complement the merits of the company. To make it dynamic, bright, stylish and at the same time understandable and convenient for everyone. Website should attract Ukrainian and foreign partners and immediately acquaint visitors with all the advantages of Givi Kashkaradze’s projects.

Making of

  • Developed a modern site with a bright design and automatic switchable slides on the main page
  • We created a user-friendly gallery of projects
  • Made a map with the objects realized by the company – when you move the cursor over the object, a photograph of the building appears
  • Briefly and informatively told about each object in graphic form
  • Implemented the block “History”, where they spoke in detail about the company and its founder – it turned out a full-fledged biography article
  • Duplicated pages in three languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian

Final result


We have achieved a possibility to submit voluminous information about the famous company and its many projects – in a concise but informative way. We have added and consolidated a positive image of the company, without dropping it in the eyes of Internet users. Adapted the site not only for the domestic audience, but also for foreign partners and customers.

The site focuses on the laconism of information delivery and on the quality of graphic content that reflect the results of the activities of the company “ZARS” in the best way.